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Door Locks provided by Sylvia's Lock Out Supply in Mobile, AL

Sylvia’s Lock Out Supply sells to builders, remodelers and individuals

Sylvia’s Lock Out Supply supplies hardware to new residential construction and remodels and sells to builders, remodelers, and individuals. Lock Out Supply can also supply hardware to apartments and office buildings. Sylvia’s Lock Out Supply provides  Keying services, such as keying alike and master keying Install temporary locks (your trim carpenter will install the permanent locks) Warranty and service for everthing they sell Most items are in stock and special order items take about a week to get. Note: We only install temporary locks, and we do this within 24 to 72 hours after they are requested. Most calls received are serviced the same day. "Not only does Lockout Supply offer a vast assortment of styles and finishes to compliment any home, but their personalized approach to customer service makes everyone feel like their most valuable client." ~ Craig,