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Door Locks provided by Sylvia's Lock Out Supply in Mobile, AL
About Us

Sylvia’s Lock Out Supply formed in July 2007.

Lock Out Supply is a "rolling" store and does not have a showroom. Sylvia Carter has 17 years experience in the door hardware industry. ”I would highly refer Lock Out Supply, not only because of the simplicity and customer service, but also there product quality and the availability of their staff to assist the homeowner.” ~ Sincerely, Greg Daoust, President, Daoust Contracting Services, Inc. “I have known Sylvia Carter for quite a few years. This lady is one of the few hardest working, honest, and dependable people that I have known in my Sixty years of existence. Today, Lockout Supply is ‘succeeding’ because of Sylvia Carter's work ethic and drive to be the best. I have been made….. offers. Would I switch? Absolutely not, because I know what I have in Sylvia and Lock Out Supply." ~ Sincerely, Gene Raley, JBL Homes
Hardware for doors, closets and bathrooms in Mobile, AL